We build brands.

REMIXED is a full-service, multi-disciplinary branding agency that develops strategies & tactics designed to connect customers with their audiences. We create the messaging and design frameworks that are articulated through print, broadcast and interactive campaigns — including web-based and social media initiatives.

REMIXED employs a ten-step process to develop comprehensive marketing design initiatives.

The process has been crafted and refined over the last decade, and retains an organic quality to allow for flexibility and accommodate client needs. This is the general roadmap of milestones to reach the desired destination.

1. Listen We listen to the client; understand strategic objectives and what they need to accomplish.
2. Develop A strategy is developed, which includes crafting the message, tone and directives.
3. Adopt The big idea is embraced through collaboration and refinement.
4. Design The artists turn the concepts into effective and beautiful deliverables.
5. Remix Designers remix one another’s work, incorporating edits and enhancing the brand.
6. Reveal Ideas are distilled. Only the best solutions remain. Then, the concepts are unveiled.
7. Love The client selects the best direction; and injects comments and constructive criticism.
8. Re-remix Deliverables are remixed again with input from the client and/or focus groups.
9. Present Final work is presented. The deliverables are prepared for the last step.
10. Exhibit Ultimately tested and approved, the concepts are deployed to their respective audiences.